In recent time, the term hospitality has become increasingly popular in the areas of commercial, industrial or public sectors. Hospitality must have the attributes of building relationship between individuals. The keys of successful hospitality in both the commercial & private include knowledge of what would evoke pleasure in the guest and hospitality as a process that includes arrivals and departure. Tourism industries are not same as the other industries. It is because we provide the services to the customers besides some of the other industries provide tangible products.

There are several components in the tourism industry like Food & Beverage, Accommodations, Place of Attractions and Transportations. All these components are related to each other and related to hospitality. For discharging the services, it is thus very much important to provide full satisfaction in all the aspects of tourism. Therefore, hospitality demands in every angle of Tourism.

The product of Tourism is intangible in nature. So, when a customer buy a tourism product, it is then important to emphasize about the comfort and service to the guest to be provided. Hospitality is friendly, courteous, and helpful and so forth.

Finally, the importance of hospitality is to encourage the reception guest or customer. In the Tourism Industry, people are just not looking at the facilities or price offered, but also looking for the services provided. Services is just to fulfill the expectations, is the most important factor, rather than to provide best facilities.

Tourism related industries must have to emphasize on the guest hospitality in order to reach success. Tourism industries are not just providing facilities to customers, services & hospitality are the main keys that determine the success of Tourism Company.