Multiple job profile exists in this industry in any of the sector.One can establish himself or herself as hospitality professional with an exposure to deliver the best way to serve a customer, as well as to utilize the technology in a right way so as to enable an organization to deliver the best way of service in regard to the customer requirements and satisfaction whether, physically,psychologically or economically.

The career in this industry is not static in any department,industry or place. The entire globe is now open to every hospitality professional, which intends to build their career in this industry and can be a perfect hospitality professional to serve the industry. Tourism is now considered
as one of the largest ever industry in the world and containing tremendous job prospects for them who like to work with people, nature and enthusiasm.Considering the wide industry aspects, those who intend to build their career in the core hospitality sector, three major departments are taught.Front office, Housekeeping and Food & Beverage service. These three major departments run in every hotel and resort. A perfect professional can only able to execute the best service in all these respective departments.

The travel market is getting larger and larger day –by –day. It is utmost necessary to deal the traveler as well as the travel destination in a professional fashion in this modern age of globalization. We in SSM have come up with the modern way of tourism education, to educate our students, so as to enable them to join the tourism organization immediately after passing the course. The students will be well educated and skilled to deal with every aspects of tourism, whether official presentation or presenting and executing a tour programme.

There is no scarcity of job, but a huge scarcity of professionals is still lying. We have understood the need and demand of this scarcity and devoted our service to develop such some professionals who will be a great support to the tourism and hospitality sector.  Our views have made us enhance our confidence, when our students are now engaged in these industries and have started their career. We firmly believe that this is an indication of our success of our noble thought. Hence, our continuous effort will be always to present young, enthusiastic professionals every year.

Blessed by the active support of the leading organizations, which have not only supported us to provide training to our students, but also extended their support to get a start of career of the students. Our associate tie up organizations when recruiting any employee, SSM students is their first choice to fulfill their manpower need.

The motive and intention to launch this course is to get rid of unemployment and we are success to achieve our objective in our first year. We have seen the smile of employment on every face of our students, and made us believe that we can give the smile to every student who intends to build their career in this Hospitality & Tourism industry.